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Versal Studio is an independent creative agency with a 360-degree approach to branding. We help brands and businesses develop their identity and unique personality.

Inspired by the ever-evolving nature of change and adaptability, for us, versatility is the name of the game. Integration is in our DNA. We believe in global ideas driven by the small details that ultimately accomplish huge success. We specialize in branding, graphic design and web design.

We also specialize in telling the story. At our core, we are visual art lovers and creators; with a passion for photography. We capture the brand essence, identity, and culture in every frame, translating those images into marketing purpose.

Versal Studio headquarters are in Miami, FL, but we work with clients all over the world.

Our clients include: The Celia Cruz Estate, Celia Cruz Legacy Project, Eventus, Cachao Entertainment, Omer Pardillo, WELS Foundation, ZipData.net, Bluejeanware, Tiniciti Preschool, Florida Flight Center, A1 Worldwide Logistics, Essence Corp, CDM Windows and Door, Med Aesthetics Miami, Lucy Grau, JSM Smartech, Orquesta America, Sizmek, House of Travel, Perfit Challenge and L'oreal Luxe





Versal Studio works on naming, logo designs, branding, SEO and SEM campaigns, responsive website design and development services and editorial designs.


Branding is the lifestyle you develop around your product. It is the image you want your company to portray and the kind of audience you want to attract.

Retail & Branded Spaces

Brand Guidelines

Packaging & Product Design

MARKETING: Digital & Traditional

What is known as the promotion, advertising, and selling of your product all falls under marketing. With a strong marketing team to back you up, you will never have to worry about why sales are slow. You’ll be too busy figuring out how to keep up with it!

Digital Strategy

Social Media

Email Marketing

EDDM Services

Marketing Products


A website is like a business card. It’s people’s first impression of you and a way for potential clients to get to know you better.

UI/UX Design


Web Apps & Mobile Apps


Our in-house design team is a hub of artistic talent that stretches out from logo designs, apparel experts, banners and flyers, stickers, press kits, and more!


Wall Graphics


Floor Graphics




A picture is worth a thousand words. Photography can take your aesthetic to a whole new level and attract your ideal audience, and the video is an entire book. By combining the elements of moving picture and sound, videos are unlike any other digital.l

Filming and editing (HD camera)

Products Photos


Events Photos


It gives us the opportunity to see all the creative and graphic works.

Labels & Stickers

Promotional Products

Booklets / Catalogs