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March 3, 2016
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Med Aethetics Miami

Branding & Website.


Med Aesthetics Miami was founded by Rosanna Bermejo MBA, RN, Aesthetician. Initially, Med Aesthetics Miami is a health center focused on the beauty that provides beneficial holistic treatments and products to maximize that natural glow. The creative work on brand development gives you the opportunity to know other industries and delve into very interesting things for the improvement of professional and personal life. Med Aesthetics was not the exception, we had the opportunity to know about the care of the health to improve the external appearance but also internal, our research to build the brand, the website and other applications contributed a lot in our personal lives.


Icons of the Med Aesthetics Miami Services


Color Strategy

R: 227 G: 51 B: 181
C: 0 M: 20 Y: 80 K: 10
Pantone Solid Coated 7752 C

R: 96 G: 97 B: 99
C: 3 M: 2 Y: 0 K: 61
Pantone Solid Coated Cool Gray 10 C

R: 242 G: 249 B: 255
C: 5 M: 2 Y: 0 K: 0
Pantone Solid Coated 656 C

R: 236 G: 240 B: 228
C: 7 M: 2 Y: 10 K: 0
Pantone Solid Coated 621 C

R: 75 G: 54 B: 24
C: 50 M: 64 Y: 90 K: 57
Pantone Solid Coated 7554 C

according to your needs.